Prey looks like the most terrifying game of 2017

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David Cornish

In space, no one can hear you scream. They can in your living room though. 

Remade ten years after we first clutched an Xbox 360 controller in clammy hands, squinted through half-closed eyes and ploughed through the vast horrors of Prey, the game returns with new, terrifying tones of horror and suspense: Arkane Studios, the award-winning creators of the 2012's Dishonored, have reimagined the sci-fi shooter, with claustrophobic corridors and things that go bump in the air vents.

Cast as the first human to be enhanced by alien powers, things turn decidedly dark when your space station comes under attack from... something. 

Check out the trailer for a flavour of the horrors you can expect in 2017.


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