No Mario's Sky is the gaming mashup you've been waiting for

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David Cornish

We like No Man's Sky. Really like it. Not everyone does, but that's okay. 

We like Mario games. Love them in fact. Pretty much everyone does. 

A game that we're certain everyone (apart from Nintendo and Hello Games) is going to love is No Mario's Sky - a "run of the mill Mario-explores-the-universe game" created by Ben Porter, Max Cahill, Alex Mc, and Sam Izzo in 72 hours. 

You play Mario, Italian plumber-cum-astronaut, on a mission to explore an infinite universe in which every planet features a new platforming experience. Some of them will be awesome, some of them will suck. 

Download the game for free here, and watch it in action below. It's not perfect, but it's a neat concept.


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