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David Cornish

Never understood the appeal of Pokémon GO? Then Dunkermight be more up your street.

An infuriating, hilarious, addictive experience, Dunkers is sort of a basketball game (in the same way that table football is sort of a football game - it is, but it isn't). 

You control a character (after a fashion, it's more luck than control) with two moves: "dunk", which moves you forward and "defend", which moves you backwards. Thing is, your arms spin continuously, without your input. You've just got to steal the ball and dunk it into your opponent's hoop. Watch the video above for an idea of how impossible that is.

With a high-score hunting arcade mode, career mode and two player mode that sees you gather around a single screen, Dunkers is going to be the newest drain on your battery power. 

Get it here: iOS, Android


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