If you own any of these video games you're sitting on a fortune

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David Cornish
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Run to your garage. Flee to the loft. Rifle through those boxes that never got unpacked after the last move.

Because if you've got any of the following video games sitting about gathering dust, they could be about to fund your next holiday. Or seven. and Kotaku have compiled lists of those retro games that are currently amongst the most valuable in the world. 

And as ever, if you haven't still got the box, expect that estimated value to take a major HP hit. 

  • The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Sega Mega CD)

    Estimated value: £550

  • Fatal Fury Special Edition (Sega Mega CD)

    Estimated value: £550

  • Cool World (Super Nintendo)

    Estimated price: £550

  • Stadium Games (Nintendo NES)

    Estimated price: £600

  • Viewpoint (Neo Geo AES)

    Estimated price: £750

  • T Mek (Sega 32X)

    Estimated price: £800

  • X Zone (Super Nintendo)

    Estimated price: £850

  • Primal Rage (Sega 32X)

    Estimated price: £1,000

  • Darxide (Sega 32X)

    Estimated price: £1,200

  • Snowboard Kids 2 (Nintendo 64)

    Estimated price: £2,000

  • The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak

    Estimated worth: £800

  • Softporn Adventure

    Estimated worth: £500-£2000

  • NCAA College Basketball 2k3

    Estimated worth: £300

  • Clayfighter: Sculptor’s Cut

    Estimated worth: £400

  • World of Warcraft: Collector’s Edition

    Estimated worth: £240 – £4300 (if you haven’t used the redeemable scratch code on the box)

  • StarCraft 64

    Estimated worth: £430

  • Rule of Rose

    Estimated worth: £300