Here's what the cancelled GoldenEye 007 remake looked like

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David Cornish

Sorry, gamers. Here's what you could have won - were it not for a complicated string of money issues, contract wrangling and copyright issues.

When it arrived on the Nintendo 64 in 1997, GoldenEye 007 was one of the finest first person shooter video games ever conceived. The graphics were sublime, the range of weapons was staggering, the multiplayer was a social revelation - we've poured our hearts out on our love for this game over here

Rare, the studio behind the hit shooter, would go on to create several other acclaimed titles (we have big love for Perfect Dark), before Microsoft bought the developer in 2002, with the hopes of squeezing another gem from the Leicestershire-based studio. It never quite happened. 

Which brings us to this deceased marvel - a remake of the 1997 classic that Rare was months from completing in 2008. Set for launch on the Xbox Live Arcade, it would have brought a polished remastering of the original 007 experience to the Xbox 360. However, while Microsoft owned Rare, Nintendo still held the licence for the game (and we imagine MGM would have had a hand in discussions to boot). The plug was apparently pulled on the project.

A YouTuber by the name of 'Rare Thief' claims to have uploaded video proof of the game, showing off 30 minutes of the remastered title in action. Why has it only come to light now? How did they get their hands on the footage? Who do we need to kill to get our hands on a copy? All questions you'd probably need to be a double-0 agent to find answers to.