Halo fan decides game isn't nerdy enough, creates Quidditch mode


Much like in the meeting where someone whispered the fateful words "What about... a Star Wars themed version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?", two mega-nerdy worlds have been combined with a beautifully constructed Quidditch arena downloadable map and game mode for Halo 5: Guardians.

Potterhead and Halo fan Hugabear Xx, who we don't know a lot about but sounds adorable, built the arena using tools from Halo's Forge Mode, substituting broomsticks for Gravity Hammers to violence the whole thing up a bit, and the result is pretty glorious:

To get hold of it, search for Quidditch Arena or contact the creator directly via his username xXHugabearXx. Once playing, you can always try shouting "Expulso!" at the screen if you're not doing well.

No "Avada kedavra" - that's bloody cheating.