Ghostface Killah vs Action Bronson is your new favourite web game


Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson used to get on.

Often compared due to the similarity of their lyrical styles, Killah would don the role of flattered legend, while Bronson would tip his cap in nonchalant respect. It was all sickeningly pleasant.

Discord emerged after Bronson changed the tone of the relationship on ESPN show SportsNation, stating that Ghostface wasn't "rapping like this no more", suggesting that the Wu-Tang legend "needs something."

The tussle took to the web, allowing fans the world over to witness the equivalent of a playground battle fought largely with F-bombs and rhythm. Bronson ultimately apologised and balance was restored to the kingdom of hip-hop.

Should the drama have been too short lived for your liking, you'll be thrilled to hear that game developer Swamp Penguins has immortalised the feud in its new web game, Ghostface Killah vs Action Bronson.

Players assume control of Bronson, clicking to avoid ghosts and collect Tweets, all the while pursued by the grim spectre of Ghostface Killah.

See it in action above, or waste the rest of your day playing it here (Google Chrome doesn't work).