FIFA 17 has a new game-changing feature

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Who did you want to play for when you were a kid? Arsenal? Everton? Harchester United?

While life might not have lined you up with an opportunity at footballing glory, FIFA 17 is promising to give you a taste of Premier League glory you always dreamed of.

The game's new story mode, The Journey, casts you in the role of Alex Hunter - a rising star set to be the next big thing in the Premier League. 

As Hunter, you'll be able to pick any Premier League club to sign for, starting out a career that'll be linked to your ability to perform on the pitch and the decisions you make off it. Sign for a dodgy agent? Your career could take a hit. Miss a sitter? You might not start the next game. You'll even get to pick your responses in the post-match interviews.

As you can see in the fantastically detailed trailer, below, we'll even get to see more of the managers like Jose Mourinho, a titan of the touchline the game has been crying out for.

It turns out there's more to football than football.

FIFA 17 is out on 29 September


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