Even Spotify is going crazy for Pokémon GO

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David Cornish

You want to be the very best, like no one ever was?

To catch them is your real test, to train them is your cause?

Well you're not alone. In the wake of Pokémon GO breaking every app record in history, adding some £6 billion to Nintendo's value within days of its US launch, it's now the turn of Spotify to catch the catching fever. 

Streams of the Pokémon theme Gotta Catch 'Em All have increased 362 per cent globally in the past week, while overall streams of Pokémon songs have more than tripled.

A press release from Spotify informs us that, "There are currently 197 thousand user-generated 'Pokémon' playlists and a further 53 thousand simply titled 'Pikachu'."

Which is insane. 

Now, make like a Gengar and get your groove on to these...


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