Dear Nintendo, please make this GameCube-ified Switch a real thing immediately

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Matt Tate

The Nintendo Switch already has quite a lot going for it. 

It’s the most convincing example of a home and handheld console hybrid yet, it has that ridiculously brilliant new Zelda game in its launch repertoire, and pretty soon it’s going to allow you to play Mario Kart 8 in the pub. Whether or not the latter is socially acceptable is up for debate, but we’re sold on the little machine so far. 

The internet has made it even better, though, as it has a habit of doing. Redditor IanMazgelis has mocked up what is best described as a Nintendo SwitchCube.

Just feast your eyes on this bad boy: 

The GameCube may not have been Nintendo’s best-selling console, but it’s one of its most aesthetically memorable, and this is some tribute. The colours, the button arrangement, the texture of the joysticks – the Photoshop wizard gets every gloriously retro detail right. 

While we don’t expect the Japanese giant to actually release one any time soon, the Switch’s interchangeable Joy-Con controllers make it very do-able. And we all know that nostalgia sells. 

It also makes sense, given the rumours that GameCube games could be playable on Switch in the future via the Virtual Console (which we still know virtually nothing about).

Do it, Nintendo. Do it.