Dangerous Golf is the video game you didn't know you needed

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David Cornish

It was supposedly Mark Twain who said "Golf is a good walk spoiled". 

We imagine he'd be far more approving of Dangerous Golf.

The aim of the game isn't just to sink your ball in as few shots as possible, but rather to tee off in a variety of unorthodox scenarios in order to create as much damage as possible - all in glorious, gratuitous slow motion.

The game is the creation of Three Fields Entertainment and it's a spiritual successor to classic destruction title Burnout - the crash-for-cash arcade racer series that first lit up consoles in 2001.

Players have over 100 holes to chose from, including such varied locations as 'Kitchen', 'Palace' and 'Gas Station'. The most fun promises to be had in the multiplayer modes, that allows up to eight players compete to create the most damage over a destructive round.

Arriving June 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, we'll see you on the 'burnt out' green.


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