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It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So while we might rant and rave about our love for Halo or BioShock to anyone who'll listen, we aren't communicating our adoration as eloquently as we might.

The makers, builders and tinkerers who've constructed the following gaming replicas are far more skilled at expressing their love of games than us. From the one off specials to the readily available, these are some of the most extravagant gaming replicas we've ever seen - including an astonishing build from Bungie's new title, Destiny

  • Extravagant video game replicas 78

    Destiny's Thunderlord machine gun

    Game: Destiny

    The arrival of affordable 3D printing has done wonders for the maker community. Designs are getting bigger and bolder, as Kirby Downey proves with his 45-part creation: Destiny's Thunderlord heavy weapon. 

    Taking a pain-staking 196 hours to create, three materials make up the 45 modular sections of this epic build - including PLA (a thermoplastic), Ninjaflex (a flexible filament) and carbon fibre. Measuring 1.3 metres in length, you can download Downey's plans from his Mini Factory page

  • Extravagant video game replicas 79


    Game: Halo

    The Needler sounds like the name of a weapon that simulates the deep pain of sitting on your own foot for an hour. Those familiar with the Halo series will know it's actually a gun of purple death. This majestic recreation of the Needler by Harrison Krix is a staggering achievement. You can see more of Krix's work at his Volpin Props site.

    (Image: Volpin Props)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 80

    Hidden blade

    Game: Assassin's Creed

    We adored Assassin's Creed when it tumbled over our roof back in 2007. While bounding over buildings and joining a secret society was all well and good, it was the hidden blade that gave the game a killer edge over other stealth efforts. This is a replica of Assassin's Creed IV's concealed cutter, available from GameStop. Made from plastic, it'll snap before it does anybody any serious damage.

    (Image: Gamestop)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 81

    Jet Gun

    Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 had some great guns - but none were quite as prolific as the Jet Gun. Made by the skilled hands of the Zazi Nombies, this zombie-killing Jet Gun consists of over 7,500 bricks, and even boasts a spinning fan. All the same, we'll still reach for a crow bar in the event of an undead uprising.

    (Image: YouTube)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 82

    Lancer Rifle

    Game: Gears of War

    Bayonets are so 20th Century. If you want to win a war against malicious subterranean foe, you'll need the Lancer Rifle with chainsaw attachment. It slices through stubborn fleshy hide like a knife through gore-soaked butter. Wisely, Triforce didn't supply this model with a working chainsaw blade.

    (Image: Triforce)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 83


    Game: BioShock Infinite

    Everyone got terribly excited when BioShock Infinite's ending blew their minds earlier this year. Ours included. Continuing the series habit of having a truly brilliant narrative, the game's aerial combat system was a wonderful addition. You can buy your very own life-size Skyhook from Forbidden Planet, though without nation-wide sky-lines it's a tad redundant. Still, it looks cool.

    (Image: Forbidden Planet)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 84

    Combat Shotgun

    Game: Fallout 3

    The only way in which the Combat Shotgun of Volpin Props falls short is that it doesn't reproduce the weapon's monstrous noise - otherwise, it's a scarily lifelike accomplishment. You can read the entire build log of this epic project here.

    (Photo: Facebook)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 85

    Sora Keyblade

    Game: Kingdom Hearts

    How this functions as a weapon is quite beyond us, but the Keyblade of Kingdom Hearts is an iconic foil all the same. Just as Sora doesn't technically kill anyone with his Keyblade, the worst damage you could deal with this replica is a nasty bumb on the head.

    (Image: eBay)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 86

    Plasma Cutter

    Game: Dead Space

    The humble Plasma Cutter of Dead Space isn't much of a weapon when Isaac Clark first tools up against the hordes of evil space zombies. However, after some careful upgrades, it becomes one of the most formidable handcannons around. Pulling the trigger of this replica lights up its characteristic targeting lasers. We're not sure it would be much use as a torch, but we want it all the same.

    (Image: Epic Weapons)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 87

    Portal gun

    Game: Portal 1 & 2

    Rules of gaming #43: first person platform games are rubbish. Valve's Portal snapped this rule in half, put it through the shredder and then fed it to the dog. Fanboys around the world shed a fearsome amount of dribble when NECA released their 1:1 scale model of the Portal Gun. Only 5,000 were made, and we're mortified that we don't own one of them.

    (Image: NECA)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 88

    Eve Hypo

    Game: BioShock 1 & 2

    In the twisted world of Rapture, a man is nothing without a shot of Eve running through his veins. From 2K's FPS masterpiece, this BioShock Eve Hypo even lights up - but thankfully the blunted plastic won't be piercing anyone's skin. You can pick one up at Forbidden Planet.

    (Image: Lonely Planet)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 89

    Brotherhood of Steel helmet

    Game: Fallout 3

    We hope with every fibre of our being that Josh Jay created this mightily impressive Fallout 3 helmet for cycling/motorbike needs. Even the most cold-hearted of motorists will give you plenty of room if you're wearing this bad boy.

    (Image: Josh Jay)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 90

    The Doomhammer

    Game: World of Warcraft

    We're not sure what sort of museum Epic Weapons were envisaging when they declare that the Doomhammer is of "museum-quality". Still, we'd definitely visit on a wet Sunday if there was no football on. Crafted out of foam rather than steel, the Doomhammer is the most iconic tool we've encountered since Timmy Mallett's mallet.

    (Image: Epic Weapons)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 91

    Dubstep gun

    Game: Saints Row IV

    Saints Row have been creating ridiculous weaponry since their first GTA-a-like title. IV twerked its way up gaming charts earlier this year, receiving praise from critics for its style and humour. The life-sized Dubstep Gun used at publicity stunts was a far bigger hit than previous, less tasteful replicas.

  • Extravagant video game replicas 92

    Demon Edge sword

    Game: DOTA 2

    Apparently, "when the Mad Moon tore asunder, and the Ancients plunged to earth, splinters of the Nemesis Stones lay fallen to be found by anyone who had the fortune (whether this proved good or ill). The Demon-Smith Abzidian laid claim to two such fragments, and from them forged the Demon's Edge..." So you can buy your very own demon-forged blade from Weta for $299! Bargin!

    (Image: Weta)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 93

    MA5B Assault Rifle

    Game: Halo

    Another familiar bullet spewer from the Halo series, this MA5B Assault Rifle is rather special. Built by Moz of the Halo cosplay community 405th (we don't think there are 405 separate groups), this is made from a re-purposed Nerf gun - so unlike all of the other items in our list, this actually shoots playful pellets. Check out the demo video here.

  • Extravagant video game replicas 94

    Gravity gun

    Game: Half-Life 2

    What's two feet long, has two triggers, four sound effects and glows orange? You're darn right it's Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun, the most unorthodox weapon ever created by the minds of science (/Valve). NECA's replica costs a cool £139.49 and is worth every penny.

    (Image: NECA)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 95


    Game: Darksiders 2

    This isn't going to be of any use come harvest, but could come in handy around Halloween. Measuring a whopping 48 inches in height and 70 inches in length, this polystone replica of the Triforce team is an achingly cool tribute to the Darksiders series. Just careful you don't have anyone's eye out with it.

    (Image: Triforce)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 96

    Buster sword

    Game: Final Fantasy VII

    The Final Fantasy series has always been about two things: big weapons and bigger hair. And amazing RPG action. So three things. This replica of Cloud Strife's unwieldy Buster Sword stands at 51 inches in length. Thankfully for all limbs concerned, it's not sharp.

    (Image: Sword Planet)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 97

    Little Sister Syringe

    Game: BioShock 1 & 2

    The less said about the sinister habits of BioShock's little sisters the better. This amazing replica is the work of props maker Backwards Lamb, who provides a guide as to how to make your very own creepy tool. Though quite how you get your hands on a petrol pump is beyond us...

    (Image: Instructables)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 98

    Master Sword

    Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    The weapon of all weapons has many imitations, but this is our favourite. Made out of fibreglass rather than steel, the chunky design more closely resembles the legendary blade than any metal version. It's maker, Aaron, retires from prop making this year. You can check out more of his amazing work here.

    (Image: Fiberglass Blades)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 99


    Game: Halo

    Built by the Aria Group using an Hummer H1 chassis, Microsoft commissioned this Warthog for the newly formed Halo studio 343Industries. This is as close as you'll get to feeling like your favourite video game has come to life. No one built us our own monster car when we started our new job...

    (Image: Microsoft)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 100

    Minecraft sword

    Game: Minecraft

    No, it's a work of art and it certainly didn't take as many hours of love and attention as some of the other replicas in this list, but there's a simple charm to this Minecraft foam sword that sits very well with us. There's even a light up torch and pickaxe for die hard fans to complete their set. Dear Santa...

    (Image: Amazon)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 101

    Forerunner Binary Rifle

    Game: Halo 4

    It would appear that of all the game franchises out there to have captured the popular imagination of makers, Halo is a firm favourite. This is probably the most remarkable of the lot. Made by prop-pro Andrew Cook (with help from his friend and professional prop maker, Kimi) the Forerunner Binary Rifle is an overwhelmingly huge project. Check out Cook's video for details on building, colouring and texturising this bad boy.

    (Image: Twitter)

  • Extravagant video game replicas 102

    M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle

    Game: Mass Effect

    Another offering from master builders Triforce, the M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle was limited to 500 models. With malevolent LEDs and superbly realistic finish, we'd ruin the effect of this gun by running around making "PEW PEW PEW" noises. Don't pretend you wouldn't either.

  • Extravagant video game replicas 103

    Batman's Grapnel

    Game: Batman: Arkham City

    "FULLY WORKING GRAPNEL HOOK?!" we cried, when we saw this listed on Forbidden Planet. Then we really did cry, when we learnt that the hook is shot only a few metres. We'll have to stick to shimmying up drainpipes for the immediate future.

    (Image: Forbidden Planet)


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