Batman: Arkham VR will let you actually be Batman

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Nick Pope

When Rocksteady Studios drew a curtain on their critically acclaimed Arkham series, we were sadder than the caped crusader himself (the most emo superhero ever, with special mention to The Incredible Hulk).

Sure, the storyline had reached its natural conclusion, but the Arkham series featured some of the most innovative gameplay in recent history. We wanted it to go on. And on. Until they scrapped any semblance of a plot and just let us glide and crush thug skulls for all eternity.

And yesterday, out of nowhere, Rocksteady answered our prayers.

Revealed at E3, Batman: Arkham VR is a new addition to the series based entirely around virtual reality.

News is, the game be a lot less punchy kicky than before, focusing its attention on problem-solving missions. Check out the trailer above.