A slim PlayStation 4 could already be in the works

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David Cornish

The PlayStation 4 could be going on a diet. 

It didn't need to, but after Microsoft revealed a slimmed-down, considerably more muscular Xbox One S at last month's E3 conference, Sony is rumoured to be putting its own console through a redesign for a Christmas showdown. 

Word comes via Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong (grow up), who told the Wall Street Journal that Sony was considering revealing a slimmer console in September to help boost revenues. Sony declined to comment on that possibility.

The PlayStation 4 currently has sold over 40 million units worldwide, compared to sales of between 18-20 million Xbox One units by Microsoft. While that's a substantial lead, Sony could be fearing that Microsoft's Xbox One S - the first video game console to support 4K HDR gaming - could hog Christmas sales thanks to its new features and price tag of £249.

We're likely to hear more about any slim PS4 and the confirmed PlayStation Neo at the Tokyo Game Show in September. 

So long as everyone keeps making lovely video games that everyone enjoys, we'll be happy.