Got a tablet? You're going to want this foldable keyboard


Cover it in body oil, stick nipple tassels on it, drench it in whipped cream - there's no way of making keyboards sexy. But LG's designers have come closer than we thought possible.

This is Rolly, a Bluetooth keyboard that places keys in four rows (numbers are shared with the top line letters), allowing it to be rolled up into a neat portable block. Here it is in (super cheesy) action...

Standing 18mm proud of a flat surface, you can prop up the keyboard with two extendible arms, making for a more comfortable typing position. There's also the neat function of being able to support two Bluetooth devices at once, allowing you to switch between writing emails on your smartphone, before browsing the web on a tablet. A single AAA battery should give it up to a month of juice.

There's no word on pricing or release date yet, but we'll have more word when we report back from the IFA tech conference in Berlin next week.


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