You can now 3D-print your own head for LEGO models

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David Cornish

At some point around the hideous spell of life that is puberty, humans lose the capacity to "use their imaginations" for amusement.

It heralds the end of those hours of pretending you were the yellow hero of your own LEGO adventure, as you begin to take more pleasure in the building than the playing - you just don't have the capacity to think of yourself as a tiny jaundiced figure.

So it's with great joy that we declare that play time has just been squarely restored to the agenda thanks to the 3D printing skills of Funky 3D Faces.

The Lincoln-based company can produce customised 3D LEGO face with just two photos of the customer: one front-on and another in profile. 

By passing these through software, they're able to map out a 3D face, printed in miniature for use with any LEGO figure torso - with larger options available should you wish to decapitate that old blue Power Ranger model you've got knocking about.

The heads are printed in sandstone, and take up to two weeks for Funky3DFaces to create. For £29.99, you even get to pick your own accompanying minifigure body.

Here's hoping they're less painful to stand on than the real thing.

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