You can erase all traces of your ex with this new Google feature


Google gets breakups.

It understands that reminders of a once 'significant other' recently transformed into a 'figure of regret and pain' aren't what you want filling your social feed.

But it also understands that you might not want to go deleting every trace of them (because at 3am on a drunken Saturday morning, you might actually want to indulge in a cathartic, snotty weep over those old loved-up holiday photos).

Which is why Google Photos has just introduced a helpful new Hide feature, allowing you to remove people from the "Rediscover this day" function. 

Under the People tab of Google Photos, you can now select the faces of people or groups you'd rather not see. This will prevent you from receiving reminders about shared pasts, avoiding any gut-churning moments of future awkwardness.

It won't delete their images from your cloud store - it'll just stop slinging them in your face.

Now, could someone ask them to create a similar block for those awkward "Plz tak me bck?" texts?

[Via: Konbini]


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