Watching this anti-paparazzi scarf in action will legitimately blow your mind


You of all people, need this. Not because the paparazzi are stalking your every move (not yet, anyway) but because nightclub photographers, your best mate, and your aunt Judy are all united in a mission to tag you in a series of pictures that wouldn't be out of place in The 100 Scariest Serial Killer Mugshots Of All Time

The anti-flash ISHU collection features scarfs, phone cases, and ties that render all flash pictures taken of you completely and utterly useless. You know, like this: 

The inspiration for the products came when their creator, Saif Siddiqui, had one of his photographs ruined by a bike reflector in 2009. After six years of research, everyone and anyone can buy one of his items, which are made of a  reflective fabric that emphasise the camera’s flash so much that everything else in the picture becomes pitch black. 

Prepare to have the last smithereens of your brain blown, once again, however, as this is what the stuff looks like in action: 

The products start at £60, and are available here