Vuhl 05 revealed


We don't often get that excited by cars at the ShortList offices. Cramped up in our central London offices, the only burnt rubber and curved metal we usually encounter is the result of accidents on the M25.

But this super lightweight offering from Mexico-based manufacturer Vuhl has piqued our interest. Weighing only 695kg (approximately half the weight of a Ford Mondeo), the 05's scant shell harbours a mid-mounted 2.0-litre Ford Ecoboost engine, capable of hurling 285bhp into your exposed faced. Should you wish to experience 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds or its top speed of 152mph, we advise that you purchase a helmet.

While it lacks a roof, the 05 does come with a protected 'Master' switch - which we're itching to flick.

The Vuhl 05 will be released in the UK next spring, with a starting price of around £70,000.

(Images: Vuhl)

  • Vuhl 05 revealed

    Vuhl 05

  • Vuhl 05 revealed 1

    Vuhl 05

  • Vuhl 05 revealed 2

    Vuhl 05

  • Vuhl 05 revealed 3

    Vuhl 05

  • Vuhl 05 revealed 4

    Vuhl 05

  • Vuhl 05 revealed 5

    Vuhl 05


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