UK's Top five wearable gadgets


Wearable tech has come a long, long way from the piano tie.

According to a survey of 2,000 Britons by and One Poll, 11 per cent of you will be buying your first piece of wearable this year, with a third of those looking for some sort of fitness gadget.

From all-seeing-gizmos to yet-to-be-released devices, here are the UK public's five most wanted wearable gadgets:

5. iFit Active Band

Having taken over the fitness app world, iFit are setting their sites on dominating the hardware market as well. Their Active Band lets you collect all the usual forms of fitness data (steps taken, distance travelled, sleep patterns), allowing you to create new workout routines via your smartphone or online iFit account. It also connects up to any internet-ready gym equipment, letting you know just how much you're slacking off compared to your last run.


4. Pebble Steel

While Apple stays decidedly mute on its iWatch, the only smartwatch worth bothering with has received a welcome style overhaul. As well as swapping out plastic for metal, the fully customisable Pebble Steel comes with a toughened Gorilla Glass display and interchangeable leather and steel straps. A new Pebble appstore also simplifies the hunt for the watch's latest face designs and apps.


3. iWatch

Set to be the first significant Apple gadget in the post-Jobs era, we're still none-the-wiser as to what this fabled timepiece will involve. Some tip the screen to be curved, while others think Apple will side with a flexible system. So long as it lets us speak into our sleeve like a secret agent we'll be happy.


2. Kiwi Move

The Kiwi Move is the closest you can currently get to owning one of Star Trek's intelligent badges. With sensors for movement, temperature and sound, the tiny Kiwi holds a staggering number of potential applications. The 'When' and 'Do' function allows wearers to set up simple app processes, based on location or command: "When" I fall asleep, "Do" track sleep, or "When" I go to the gym, "Do" load my fitness app. Essentially, you'll never press a button again.


1. Google Glass

Google's plan to overthrow the smartphone is in full swing, with a fifth of the survey saying they want a pair of these smartspecs. With extensive voice recognition, augmented reality and camera technology built into this humble frame, the go-everywhere-record-everything power of the Google Glass is proving its biggest strength and weakness: despite not yet receiving an international launch, the Google Glass has already been banned from various hospitals, cinemas, casinos, sports venues and restaurants for fear of breaching privacy rules.

Are you planning on buying a wearable gadget this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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