This VR company wants to add tanks, F1 cars, flying horses to your workout

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David Cornish

No one, in the history of exercise, has ever enjoyed a spin class. Ever.

If they said they have, they're lying. They're just showing off.

Now, if we had a VR headset loaded up with some VirZOOM games and VirZOOM bike, then a spin class might be fun. Built by a team who've previously worked on the likes of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central, they've created a series of interactive games that require you to peddle to play. 

The distractions on offer include racing an F1 car, taking on cowboys on horseback, driving a tank and the bonkers-sounding Pegaso platform game (it involves a flying horse).

At $399.95 - a cost that doesn't include the VR headset - the system costs a good deal more than a gym membership. But we think we'd shift a lot more sweat trying to beat our tank challenge high score than taking part in any 'real-life' spin session.