This neat App Store trick will speed up your iPhone


How's that old iPhone 5 holding up? Still resisting the urge to punt it from the nearest window after freezing yet again?

Having written extensively on how to speed up your iPhone in the past, a new tip has emerged thanks to San Francisco-based developer Zachary Dryer.

Fellow developer Peter Steinberger took to Twitter after noticing that his apps were failing to update via the App Store:

What do I do?

Open the App Store, on either your iPhone or iPad. Along the bottom of the store are five buttons on a grey tab: Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Purchased and Updates.

Tap any one of these ten times and the screen should go white, before returning to 'Featured'.

What happened?

This is a little-known exploit built into the App Store that allows you to clear the cached memory surrounding failed app updates. Some old apps you removed a while ago might still be attempting to send update information to your device. In addition to freeing up a bit of memory, it will also help with any issues you might have been having with apps failing to update correctly.

Here's to you, Drayer, our new tech hero of 2016.

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[Via: Telegraph]


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