This awesome bike can turn into a jet ski in 5 seconds


What's a Biski?

No, not the estranged lover of the Muppets' Swedish Chef. It's one of these: a motorbike that can transform into a jet ski in under five seconds.

Yep. There's finally a solution to all that time you've wasted transitioning from a standard motorbike onto your jet ski. 

In bike mode, the craft is capable of a motorway-ready top speed of 80mph, while its waterborne speed is around 37mph. The transition is controlled by the press of a button, switching the engine's power from the rear wheel to a set of twin air jets. 

The creator Gibbs is yet to give the Biski a price. And while it certainly looks fun, we hate to hail in the cynicism train but - won't it take a great deal longer than five seconds to strip out of your biker leathers and into something a little more water friendly?

Just a thought...


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