Apple just forgot to tell you one of the most important things about their new iPhone

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David Cornish

The was one major theme to this week's Apple launch: 'We told you so'. 

In the weeks building up to its 'Special Event' - the final product launch from its Cupertino HQ before the company moves to its new UFO-like campus - the internet was awash with rumours of what Apple would be launching.

It ran as predicted: updated straps for the Apple Watch, a smaller iPad Pro and a smaller, affordable (£359 for 16GB) iPhone SE.

There was just one important thing that Tim Cook & co. forgot to mention about the 4-inch handset: what the heck did SE stand for?

The new handset is a bit of a Frankenstein's Monster: the body and screen of an iPhone 5, the price tag of the iPhone 5C and the brains of the iPhone 6S, the name SE didn't have any obvious hooks - with none of Apple's team explaining the new title from the stage.

It wasn't until after the presentation that Fortune Magazine's Jason Cipriani managed to pin down senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller on what the name actually means.

So, SE = Special Edition.

Just don't expect 'Special Edition' to appear on any of the boxes, instructions or marketing for the new handset. Or anywhere, ever again.

And don't ask Apple why - they're having a bit of a sulk, okay?


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