This is how to find out who your “Best mate” is on WhatsApp

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Sure, you already know who your best mate is. We don't mean to patronise you. 

However, this neat little feature in hidden in the depths of WhatsApp will not only confirm what you already knew, it could shed some light on those individuals you didn't realise were your best digital buddies. 

Here's how to find out who you spend most of your time talking to on the world's most popular messaging app.

  • This is how to find out who your "Best mate" is on WhatsApp

    Head to the app Settings

    See that little cog in the bottom right of the WhatsApp screen? Give it a click.

    From here, you want to head to Account.

  • This is how to find out who your "Best mate" is on WhatsApp 1

    Investigate your storage use

    You're given a number of account control options from here - but the iOS version of the app also offers an insight into how much storage your conversations are taking up (sorry Android users).

    Open up Storage Usage.

  • This is how to find out who your "Best mate" is on WhatsApp 2

    Marvel at the data

    Having done a quick scan of your phone, the Storage Usage tool will display the total number of messages the app is holding on to - and give details on who they're from.

    Obviously, if you've recently moved your account to a new phone, or wiped your message history, it won't be an accurate reflection of who your "best mate" is - but it's a neat insight into how you spend your time on WhatsApp.

    [H/T: Viral Thread]


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