This is how much you spend charging your smartphone every year


It might feel like your iPhone spends the better part of its life plugged into the wall, trying to recoup enough juice to make it through the next Facebook post - but the taxing issue of recharging your handset costs you a great deal more in time wasting than it does cash. 

Forbes has put together a survey of the costs of household electricity use, comparing the charging of battery-powered devices with white goods and heating requirements.

Heating water (which accounts for 18 per cent of the average home's energy bill) drips in at a cost of around £425 per year, while heating a home amounting to a wallet-draining £710.

Topping up the 1,440mAh battery of an iPhone 5? It only requires 2,000 watt-hours of energy per year - or about 28 pence.

Yep. Your smartphone companion only bleeds 28p from your pocket every year. 

And your tablet? Charging an iPad equates to approximately 12kWh per year - or £1.70. 

So should an establishment give you grief about charging up your device through one of their unused sockets, just hand over your spare change. It'll more than cover the cost.

[Via: Forbes]

(Image: Shutterstock)