These two ingenious gadgets will help you smuggle a beer anywhere

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David Cornish

You know the drill.

You've turned up to the game/film/gig/generic event, anticipation of the evening's entertainment bringing on a strong thirst. However, such is the way of modern venues, a cold can of beer is going to cost almost as much as your ticket in.

If only there were a solution to this quandary (you can see where we're going with this, can't you)?

The unlikely hero of this story is a lid: the Lolo lid. Snap it onto the top of a regular can of beer and you can safely stow the offending beverage in an inconspicuous coffee cup.

One stealthy beer cozy will set you back just £7.92 - though you'll need to find your own medium-to-large coffee cup to affix it to.

And for a scenario we can't quite conjure up in our minds, there's also the Lolo Beer Mat - a yoga mat roll that can smuggle six cold cans into... a yoga class? If you can actually think of a use for it, it's available here for £21.13


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