This guy just made an incredible action camera using some string and an iPhone

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David Cornish

Nicolas Vuignier is a DIY master.

He's probably got a flat full of home-made ornaments perched on shelves he installed himself, which he views from a chair he built out of an empty crate and some MDF. Just look at what he's capable of doing with some string and an iPhone.

Vuignier states that this 'Centriphone' project - which exploits the nature of centrifugal forces - took him "almost two years of tinkering and tweaking" before it was perfected.

He's yet to reveal exactly how his build works, but he assures that "No iPhones were harmed during the making of this video".

A heck of a lot cheaper and more intimate than the latest autonomous drone photographers, the Centriphone action camera has one major drawback: you need to be amazing at skiing/snowboarding/cycling/surfing with one hand, whilst lassoing a £500 smartphone with the other. 

Still, when you capture footage as good as Vuignier's video above, it's surely a skill worth learning. 

Anyone got an iPhone and some string we can borrow?


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