This face slapping alarm clock is the ultimate wake up call


Mornings. They're up there with barefoot jogs through seas of LEGO and paper cuts to the gentleman vegetables in scales of "things we'd rather not have to deal with". 

No matter how early we go to bed, how many sleep-inducing techniques we might try, the sound of the morning alarm fills us with dread, failing miserably to raise our spirits and see us skipping from the sheets.

What we need is a new alarm clock - a new means of awakening us with vigour and pep. Something like Simone Giertz's wakeup machine.

A professional 'maker', robotics enthusiast and keen vlogger, Giertz's creation melds a rubberised fake arm, alarm clock and motor with an Arduino micro computer, slapping her awake on the sound of the bell. 

It's brutal. It's vulgar. It lacks any sophistication - chewing up Giertz's hair in one test.

We must have one.


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