This condom machine will have a massive impact on drunken one night stands


Dutch courage. Liquid hope. Irish charm.

However you term it, it would appear that many of us are partial to a stiff drink before attempting to approach someone in a bar.

According to the soul searchers of, 52 per cent of their users don't think they'd have the confidence to approach someone if they were sober while 42 per cent admit that recent sexual experiences have taken place under the influence of alcohol. Which is worrying on all sorts of levels.

In an effort to curb these drunken fumbles, has created the Johnny Be Good - a condom machine with a built-in breathalyser.

In order to be approved a condom, you'll need to blow into a slot located on the machine. If you're determined to be too drunk to make sensible decisions about one-night stands, the machine won't vend. If you're sober, Bob's your uncle (and not at risk of becoming a great uncle).

Currently on trail at The Brass Monkey in London's Victoria, we can't help but feel the Johnny Be Good machine is a pretty terrible idea. 

If you're drunk and eager for some action, a machine rejecting your attempts to buy condoms isn't going to change the blood supply rapidly flowing from your brain to your crotch. If anything, it's nudging you toward the even more regrettable decision of jumping into things without any protection.

Anyway, you're an adult. Don't let Johnny Be Good make you do anything stupid. 


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