There's actually a better way to fix your phone if you drop it in water

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By now, everyone knows what to do if their phone tumbles from their jeans' pocket and splashes into the loo on a fateful trip to the toilet. One industrial bag of rice later and - except for the smell - your phone is as good as new, right? Wrong. You might've saved your phone, but you've ruined your dinner.

This is why we're happy to report that there's another way to save your sodden tech. Instead of burying it in a mound of grains, you should stick it in a pile of cat litter (unused, preferably). 

The phone company Gazelle ran a series of tests and discovered that cat litter is actually far more effective than rice at saving your mobile.

First, you've gotta shake out all of the water and let the phone air-dry, before plonking it in a bag of crystal cat litter for as long as possible - preferably days. 

Not only do they report that cat litter beats rice, rice was actually the worst of all the solutions tested - as silica gel, couscous, and oats were all better at absorbing the most water. 

Some mavericks in the comments also recommend plunging the phone in rubbing alcohol and then whirling it around your head in a sock, but, to be honest, we'll stick to taking out insurance. 


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