The world's greatest selfie stick has automatic extention, fans and lights

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David Cornish

When future generations look back at the early 21st century, to ponder what society was concerning itself with while we poisoned the seas, bleached the earth and drank up the oil, they'll find this - and weep.

This is the Automated Selfie Stick, a promotional stunt for US dark comedy Unreal. It is the zenith of 2016 culture: the perfect fusion of impressive technology and narcissistic self obsession. 

You can tell this has got under our skin, can't you?

A press of a button sees the stick extend to your preferred length. Another button sees you engage the stick's two fans - for wind effect. There's also a set of retractable "beauty lights", adding a warm glow to your dusky selfies. 

As far as parodies go, it's spot on. The gut punch really sets in when you read the comments on the promotional stunt's video and realise that most people actually want one. It's a JOKE people. 

If you need us, we'll be in the pub with a bunch of other old men, moaning about the "youth of today".


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