The world's first rideable luggage is here and we shouldn't want it but we do


Literally no one asked for it. No one dreamed of it. But now it's here, we can't deny that we love it so much that we want to own four.

We are speaking, of course, about the Modobag, the world's first motorized luggage, on which you - oh yes, you - can ride.

Modobog claim that this beast will get you through the airport three times faster than walking; any casualties on the way be damned (we might have added that last part).

The black bag can travel up to 8mph and also has two USB charging ports, side pockets to slot your charging tech into, and a cushioned seat for your journey.

The catches - there's more than one - are that it weights 19lbs when empty, meaning you're two pairs of flip flops away from your luggage allowance; and it costs over £750.

But also, THIS:

Look at him. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, Modobags want him to ride... nevermind.

The bag is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo and is 84% of the way towards its goal. What we're trying to say is: give up your money. And then your dignity. And change the future forever.