The Stunning Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Bluetooth: making people unsure if you’re taking calls from a headset or are talking to yourself like a crazy person since 1994.
In an age where Wi-Fi is king, it’s easy to dismiss devices which solely work using Bluetooth as relics, making this incredible feat of design and technology all the sweeter....
The Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone is just that, sculpted from a solid walnut base of the like older people of yesteryear would own, yet funneling the sounds entirely via the mini radio waves of Bluetooth communication.
Better still, the easy-on-the-eye device, worth £280, even manages to incorporate enough flurries of modern design technology through a steel horn to ensure a crisper sound than the average gramophone owner is used to.
This would have blown your grandad's socks off back in the day.