The Smart Snowboarding System

Keen to know what the future of snowboarding holds? You’re already gawping at it.
Primed to blow away anyone who doesn’t consider keep their backside snowless an achievement, the XON Snow-1 is the world’s first smart snowboard system, enabling those of a certain on-piste aptitude to analyse their rides with an army of statistics.
Top speed, weight balance, board flex, path and distance tracking via GPS – it’s all there, gathered by load balance sensors in the custom bindings and bend sensors at either end of the board, before being sent directly to the rider’s smartphone using Bluetooth, from which they can pore over on the ski lift back up.
But if we know anything about near-futuristic technology, it’s that cool flashing LED strobes are important. Really important. And who wouldn't be impressed if they saw these four strobe lights bearing down on them at the top of a mountain ridge at dusk?
No word on price yet but keep your eye on the company's website for now - it’s due out later this year.