The new iPhone autocorrect for 'Lardass' is both brilliant and cruel

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David Cornish

Got an iPhone? Updated to the latest version of the iOS, 9.2?

Then pull up a new text message and start typing in the beautifully British vulgarity, 'Lardass'.


So far, so lardy.


No major surprises so far, you've got 'LARD'.


And here come the belly-laughs. Guttural heaves of humour, inspired by Apple's unfortunate autocorrect of 'Lardas' to 'Kardashian'.

Sorry Kim.

It's not a snide snipe - the letter 'K' is mere millimetres from 'L', and lard knows how many times a day millennials are typing 'Kardashian' into their phones. 

It's the most beautiful Freudian slip since Sigmund hit a patch of black ice.

[Via: Metro]

(Image: Rex)


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