The Iron Man mobile you didn't know you wanted


We're sorry to disappoint you, but Tony Stark's official phone doesn't come with Black Widow's phone number. Nor does it run on an actual Arc Reactor, think with the brain of Jarvis or hover over desks on its own thrusters.

It does come in a pretty sweet box though.

The latest limited edition gadget in a long-running sponsored_longform between Samsung and Marvel's Avengers franchise, the new Galaxy S6 Edge has been given a thorough aesthetic makeover in the style of billionaire weapons-dealer-turned-super-suited-cad Tony Stark/Iron Man.

The limited edition S6 Edge has been decked out in red and metallic gold, with Iron Man's grumpy visage stencilled on the rear. An Avengers theme comes pre-installed (ring tones, wallpapers, that kind of nonsense), along with an Arc Reactor-style wireless charging unit. It adds a certain fanboy appeal to one of the most technically advanced mobiles of recent years.

Unfortunately, the Iron Man Limited Edition S6 Edge will only be available in South Korea, China and Hong Kong in limited numbers. To convert your own phone into an Iron Man model, you could try throwing it into a nuclear reactor, weaponising it in a freak army training exercise accident, or just colouring it in with a red marker pen. 


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