The evolution of the phone screen


Seventeen years ago, the Nokia 5110 was the pinnacle of mobile convenience.

It boasted a mean 180-hour battery life (on standby), call data logs for eight dialed, five received and five missed calls, personalised Xpress-On case covers - but the show piece was the 84 by 48 pixel monochrome liquid crystal display. It could display half a text message at once. HALF!

For an insight into how we've moved from the pixelated days of the 5110 to the shiny glory of the iPhone 6S, has compiled the following interactive guide to the evolution of resolution - a scrollable trip through nearly 20 years of handset evolution.

Get scrolling, and see if you can find the retro game hidden within (Hint: have a good click around on the final screen).

(via Gocompare).

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