The coolest Star Wars drones


Forget HD cameras, flying handguns and fishing lines - one surefire way of getting us interested in drones is by telling us we can fly our own Millennium Falcon.

Which almost certainly applies to your good self, hence your presence here.

So without further ado, marvel at the best Star Wars-themed flying machines the internet has created. Where appropriate, we've shown where you can buy your own.

Imperial Speeder Bike

The creation of RC nut Adam Woodworth, this Speeder is just as vulnerable to collisions with trees as those featured in Return of the Jedi.

TIE Interceptor

The amazing machine is the work of a Frenchman called "Olivier C". Grenoble-based Olivier has posted details of his build, which is essentially a Tie Fighter body clipped onto a modified drone, here

Millennium Falcon

Another build from Olivier C, this Millennium Falcon boasts added lighting arrays. 

While it isn't quite as cool as Oliver's, you can buy your own version for £100 here.


Starting to notice a pattern here? Yep, another from our drone-obsessed Oliver C. Superb. 

You can get something sort of similar here.

Imperial Star Destroyer

We saved the best until last.

All Oliver needs to do now is build his own scale model of the Death Star, get a few mates together and stage the greatest (non-lethal) drone battle in history of hobbyists. 


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