Someone has invented a flying selfie stick and we have no idea why

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David Cornish

No, it's not 1 April yet: ROAM-e is very much genuine in its mission to provide the world with "flying selfies".

A dual-axis drone 'copter, two blades keep the ROAM-e hovering around you, allowing you to keep your hands free to flick peace symbols and sip on a mocha-choca-frapa-crapa. Pivoting below the rotors is a sophisticated camera unit - capable of taking 360 degree panorama shots or keeping locked onto its owner with some nifty facial recognition technology. 

With a flying range of 25 metres (controlled via your phone) and flight time of 20 minutes thanks to a removable battery pack, this is an impressive drone camera. But here's the thing - when did "a device that takes a photo of you" become bastardised by the Millennial curse that is the 'selfie'?

Aren't selfie's about taking a photo of yourself? Sticking your camera at arm's length and capturing an intimate, narcissistic close-up? The moment you allow someone (or something) else to take the photo, doesn't it cease to be a selfie? We wouldn't have a problem with the ROAM-e if it was marketed as the sophisticated action camera it really is - but it's not. It's apparently a £187 "selfie stick on steroids".

It's still very cool though.

We don't understand the world any more. Maybe we're just getting old. 


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