Smartphone Charging Bracelet


While this bulky bracelet might run you the risk of being confused with a competitor from The Hunger Games, there’s plenty of cutting-edge technology to match its sci-fi like aesthetic.

With smartphone capacity becoming more powerful and our time spent glued to those devices becoming more invaluable, the market has been crying out for a charger that’s easy to take on the move – and that’s where the QBracelet comes in.

The metallic wrist piece can not only look fairly good on your person but plug straight into your smartphone - meaning no fidgety wires and having to run into a Starbucks for a plug socket – and top it up with an extra 60 per cent of juice, thus defeating one of the biggest day-to-day irritants of them all.

You can pre-order the QBracelet for a release later in the year for £55. Though if you have the big bucks and less time on your hands, why not have done with it and buy the self-charging phone?


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