Samsung is working on a 'smart contact lens' with inbuilt cameras

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David Cornish

"I've got something in my eye... about a grand's worth of camera technology."

Scoff now, but Samsung is hard at work on making this sci-fi scene a reality.

A patent filed by the South Korean company back in 2014 has just surfaced, detailing a 'smart contact lens' with functions including augmented reality display, built-in camera, antenna and a sensor capable of detecting the blink of an eyelid.

It makes the Google Glass sound like a stone age flint axe.

The arrangement sees several layers of transparent circuit boards and display make up the centre of the lens, while a motion sensing device, electricity supply, 'thin film camera' and micro lens would sit around the edge of the tiny construction. It's enough to make your eyes water. 

Filing a patent doesn't mean that Samsung is about to release their 'Contact Lens Gear' in the next year - there are numerous technologies described in the patent that Samsung could well be hard at work solving. 

Until then, we'll just have to make do with accessing information on our smartphones like cavemen. 

[Via: SamMobile]


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