This knife-toting robot playing stabby hand will make you nervous

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Tom Mendelsohn

Remember that brief period at school when everyone had cuts on their fingers from playing five-finger fillet, that game where you splay your hand and let someone else repeatedly stab a knife between the gaps? Just us? Never mind.

Anyway, in case you weren’t worried enough about the future and the coming robot war for Earth’s dwindling resources, some suspiciously British-sounding scientists have decided to teach their robot to wield a knife with worrying precision. 

The Staubli TX40 robot arm, belonging to Irfon Automation, starts slowly enough, but by the end it’s banging the desk between the fingers of an increasingly anxious technician. And why would you give a knife to a robot anyway?

Terrifying stuff, but until we attach knives to robots with legs and glowing red eyes, we’re probably mostly safe. And anyway, compared with the guy below, who claims to be some sort of knife-game superhero, the machine revolution definitely has a long way to go.

(Image: YouTube)


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