Portable flash for mobile photographers


Long gone are the days when we scoffed at the mobile photographer, chuckling as they snapped blurred shots with their pin-hole camera. While each new handset adds a clutch more megapixels to its camera, one area they still fall short on is boasting an effective flash. The Nova is hoping to solve that.

This credit card-sized gadget is the first Bluetooth flash system for mobile photographers. This hand-held panel of 40 warm and cool (white and yellow) LEDs connects up to your smartphone and helps shed some light on your subject when you hit the shutter button.

Adjustable via a partnering app (available on iOS and Android), users can vary the intensity of the Nova's flash for a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios. Small enough to fit in your wallet and chartable via USB, you might have some luck taking night time shots with one of these in your pocket (promise us you won't just use it for selfies).

Available for around £35, you can find out more on the Nova website. Though even with extra flash, we doubt you'll take any shots that match up to these.

(Images: Nova)


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