People are trying to sell their old iPods on eBay for huge prices

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Run to your attic. Rummage through the junk draw. Get down the back of the sofa. You need to find that old second generation iPod this bloody minute.

Terapeak, an analytics company that monitors prices across eBay, has identified a significant spike in the value of classic iPods. 

In the past 12 months, following Apple's decision to discontinue the iPod line, 'new' iPod Classics are now carrying a higher average price ($299.80) than the more technically advanced iPod Touch ($201.98). 

In addition to an overall price bump, it would appear that some collectors are willing to splash huge amounts on buying up factory-sealed versions of first edition, second edition and limited edition iPod Classics.

Terapeak reports that the following versions of iPods have sold for huge sums in the past year:

  • $90,000.00 - factory-sealed 30GB U2 edition iPod Classic on November 9th
  • $20,000.00 - factory-sealed 5GB first generation iPod Classic on September 29th
  • $7,999.99 - factory-sealed 20GB U2 edition iPod Classic on September 13th
  • $3,550.00 - factory-sealed 5GB first generation iPod Classic on December 1st
  • $2,500.00 - factory-sealed 10GB second generation iPod Classic on November 8th

A quick search of the US eBay listings brings up some insanely expensive 'Buy It Now' options for old iPods:

However - a quick search for 'Completed' auctions of iPod Classics reveals that while people are asking for big prices, the overwhelming majority of the results were 'Buy It Now' auctions that the seller ended. Several of these items were then relisted at a slightly lower price, again without any successful bids

Head over to the UK eBay site and you can still pick up a first edition iPod for under £30.

So yes, the average prices of factory-sealed, iPod Classics is definitely on the climb. You might even be lucky to sell yours for a couple of hundred quid. But unless you find yourself with an exceptional model being chased by a lusty collector, you might just want to keep your retro tech for a reminder of simpler times, when batteries lasted more than a day.

[Via: The Guardian]


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