Someone made a shape shifting robot snake and it'll haunt your dreams forever

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David Cornish

"Hey Tim, how's everything at the MIT Tangible Media Group?"

"Oh really great - we've made this shape changing interface we call the LineFORM, which is like a robotic snake that can do anything."

"Right. Anything?"

We'll be honest, we don't know who Tim is. We made him up to neatly illustrate the bonkers concepts the engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology design "for funsiees".

LineFORM, demonstrated in the video above, is one such creation. An "interface" that can be worn like a robotic suit, recording and replicating human actions. It can be a connection cord between two data points. It's a power cable. A telephone. A smart band. It's anything, really.

It's like R2-D2 has been slimmed down into a technological seat belt. 

We want one - but, as with many MIT creations, we're not going to get one.

The military might though...


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