LSTN's Beautiful Wooden Headphones


While wood might not be the most obvious material to sculpt modern headphones out of, the reclaimed timber on these LSTN headphones does wonderful things to the audio quality of the tracks you'll be listening to. Like the structure of pianos and guitars, it compliments the dynamics of musical vibrations, improving the tones of trebles and the warmth of the bass. But that's not why you should buy them.

While these cans stand out amongst a crowded commute of polished plastic lumps and celebrity endorsed 'phones, the best thing they do is to help support people around the world with hearing difficulties. We could go on about the gold-plated electronics and the sound quality, but that's not the main sell of LSTN's audio products. For every pair of these high quality 'phones LSTN sells, they promise to help restore the hearing of a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Which sounds great.

LSTN's Troubadour headphone range is constructed from four types of wood: beech, cherry, ebony and zebra - with the grain pattern of each finish unique to the individual set of 'phones. 

Available for £95, you can pick up a pair of LSTN's Troubadour headphones from their website

(Images: LSTN)


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