Latest iPhone 7 leak puts it side-by-side with iPhone 6S

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David Cornish

When was the last time you played 'Spot the difference'? Oh sure, other than that Tinder date and her profile pictures...

The version we're going to invite you to engage with now is a slightly more expensive, tech-filled affair: the leakers of have managed to obtain a video in which an iPhone 6S is compared to an iPhone 7.

We should clarify that it's not a real iPhone 7, but a "fictitious copy" of the new handset: Chinese accessory manufacturers are apparently well acquainted with the upcoming handset due to numerous exhibits of Apple's hardware behind closed doors. It seems that good-as-real copies are already making the rounds.

So, grab your pencil and get read to start drawing circles on your screen every time you spot a change to Apple's iPhone. There aren't many to find...


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