Is This The Future Of Phone Chargers?


Here’s a Kickstarter project that’s not actually mad.

You’ve broken down miles from anywhere. What happens next? Well, obviously it starts hacking down with rain – that’s a given. Clearly, cars who might stop and help will pass at a rate of one every three hours, too. Finally, inevitably, your phone will run out of battery.

In this sort of situation, you’ll need the AMPY device charger: a genius gadget that sits in your pocket and feeds off your kinetic energy, charging itself every time you move.

With a full battery, the AMPY can charge your phone for three hours via a USB. The app also tells you how much energy you’ve generated, how many calories you’ve burned and how much you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

The brainchild of three Chicago-based engineers, the project is already halfway towards its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter.


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