iPhone users are going to love this new keyboard app

Posted by
David Cornish

Do you long to text with one hand? Have you strained a tendon trying to reach the top left hand corner of your iPhone 6 screen, only to let it slip from your grasp and crack on the pavement?

We feel you brother. And so does Microsoft. 

With smartphone screens taking up increasing palm inches, Microsoft has created Word Flow - a keyboard app that allows the less dexterous amongst us text with one hand like it's 2006. 

Word Flow

Designed for the vast acreage of the iPhone 6/Plus, the Word Flow keyboard can be set to behave like a normal QWERTY model with swipe functions (you never take your thumbs off the screen, swiping between letters to build words) or, more impressively, engage 'Arc' mode.

This bends the keyboard around either the left or right corner of the screen, again letting to touch or swipe between letters.

For the narcissistic amongst you (the ones who own a personalised credit card with their picture on it), you'll be thrilled to know you can also customise the keyboard background. With selfies and stuff. 

You can find the World Flow app on the US iTunes store here (no word when it'll drop on the UK store, nor for an Android build yet). Let your massive iPhone breathe a sigh of relief.